Research and development projects in NMI

Niilo Mäki Institute coordinates several research and development project focusing on the different areas
of learning difficulties. Our current projects:

  • ILS-project: Assessment and rehabilitation of learning difficulties in Swedish speaking schools and preschools
  • Lukumummit ja -vaarit (Reading grandmas and grandpas): seniors reading with children at school
  • Project Hahku: Rehabilitation of visuo-spatial perceptual disabilities
  • Leikitään ja keskitytään -project: program for training executive functions of 4-5 year old children
  • –learning environment for reading and mathematics
  • eTaleAfrica -project: Teacher eLearning Africa project enhances teachers’ skills to teach literacy in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Neo-Prism-C -project : Neurodevelopmental Optimal-predictors Risk Factors And Intervention From A Systems Approach To Maladjustment In Children
  • DysGeBra: Dyslexia – genes, brain fuctions, interventions
  • Research and development of Ekapeli/GraphoLearn
  • Prokoulu-project: school-wide positive behaviour support
  • Digilukiseula: digital task for assessing reading skills of young adults
  • ReadDrama: the effects of reading theater -program for training reading skills
  • Kielitaito kuuluu kaikille (Language skills for everyone): training phonological awareness skills of English as a foreign language learners