Project Hahku: Rehabilitation of visuo-spatial perceptual disabilities

The project has two aims: 1) to build an online e-learning course for adults with visuo-spatial perceptual disabilities (VSPD), and 2) to train volunteers from the organisations of handicapped to work as support persons in this training (HAHKU-mentors).

The e-learning course consists of four topics based on the two-dimensional typology of spatial skills presented by Uttal, et al. (2013). Each content area includes a short theoretical introduction, spatial tasks applied to everyday life situations and self-evaluations. The program aims to increase the functional abilities of the persons with VSPD via improved strategies in everyday situations that have heavy demands for spatial processing and skills (e.g. mental rotation, navigation). The total length of this online training program is eight months. The trained HAHKU-mentors, mainly experts by experience, work as support persons for the individually done online training.

The project is a collaboration between the NMI and the associations of Autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Language Impairment, and Learning disorders, and the National Centre for Learning and Consulting.

The project name HAHKU comes from Finnish words HAHmottaminen (to perceive, to understand) ja KUntoutus (rehabilitation, remediation).

The project is funded by STEA, the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations, for years 2018–2020. The project language is Finnish.

Contact person: project manager Juha Lahti, tel. +358 40 672 8726, email.