Niilo Mäki Foundation

Niilo Mäki Institute is maintained by the Niilo Mäki Foundation. The governing bodies of the Foundation are the Board of the Niilo Mäki Foundation and the Supervisory Board of the Foundation. The Supervisory Board consists of the Chairperson and 12–15 other members, elected for a term of three years. The Supervisory Board defines the Foundation’s activities and appoints Board of the Niilo Mäki Institute for a term of one year. Topics such as the previous year’s annual report, financial statement, and action plans are discussed at the Supervisory Board’s stated meetings.

The Board of the Niilo Mäki Foundation consists of the Chairperson, 4–6 members, and their deputy members. The Board is responsible for the Institute’s finances and for guiding and monitoring its operations. The Board meets approximately once a month.

The Executive Director of the Niilo Mäki Institute coordinates the Institute’s activities and prepares proposals for the Board. The Executive Director is supported by the Executive Group.

In the same premises and in a close operational relationship with Niilo Mäki Institute, you can also find the City of Jyväskylä’s Child Research Clinic.


Niilo Mäki Institute produces research-based information and tools to support children and young people who are facing barriers to their learning. The goal is to make the world a better place to learn and develop yourself.


Niilo Mäki Institute is a leading multidisciplinary research and development center that produces new information on learning difficulties, applies the research data to support practical actors, and facilitates the learning of all children and young people. Institute is a wanted cooperation partner both in Finland and abroad.

We want to achieve our vision with research, people and practical applications first, and with high-quality and cost-effective operations.

Niilo Mäki Institute’s strategy

  • Strong research expertise
  • Internationality
  • Active and visible influencing
  • Flexible and effective operating models


Niilo Mäki Foundation’s basic operations are primarily funded by STEA (Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organizations). In addition to STEA’s general grant, operations are funded by income from projects carried out with various partners, as well as profits from product sales and training organized by the Foundation. The partners for each project are mentioned in the respective project’s introduction. The Foundation is also happy to receive donations.